International Conference on ESHTE / INATEL in 10 and 11 october, about the directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements

Europe at the forefront of the protection of tourists: from making purchases at the travel agent’s premises to online purchases with different service providers.

Professor Ernst Führich

Professor Ernst Führich

By using the Internet, consumers have gradually gained the ability to access extremely diverse information and hire services formerly only available to the largest companies (tour operators).

This pioneering initiative in Europe, conceived in the late eighties – Directive  90/314/EEC – was intended to protect one of the largest tourist flows, as people from the North went on vacation to the South of Europe. Nowadays, after twenty five years, it’s been significantly reinforced to protect travellers in the digital age.

Major international experts will debate in Portugal, in Estoril and at the Teatro da Trindade (Lisbon) on 10 and 11 October, the implications of this important European discipline.

A partnership between ESHTE and INATEL, with the support of the Portuguese Bar Association, the Association of Directors of Portuguese Hotels and Turisver, will make it possible to organize the largest international event to date about the issue.

Although it’s part of the European Union’s legislation, it’s also applied in great detail in other States, particularly in Switzerland, Angola and Cape Verde. Even England, despite the Brexit, has announced it will apply the legislation. Many of its protective rules have inspired other national laws, such as in America.

Most of the approximately thirty confirmed speakers are leading experts and authors of reference publications in their countries.

Germany was the first country to submit a draft to transpose the European standards – which do not allow Member States a significant margin (Article 4) – which is causing intense debate and great upheaval in some economic sectors, in particular of travel agencies.

Therefore, there is a lot of interest in hearing what Professor Ernst Führich has to say, considering his extensive work in ReiseRecht. Following his intervention at the seminar of the ITB, with the relevant text presented by the German government already published, he will address the topic “The Implementation of the new Package Travel Directive in Germany and its Critical Issues.”