Prepublication of the book “The New Package Travel Directive” published by ESHTE and INATEL – Laurence Jégouzo (Sorbonne)

Professor Laurence Jégouzo, Deputy director of the Law School of the Sorbonne, author of Le droit du Tourisme and director of the revue Droit et Pratique du Tourisme.

The consequences of the application of this directive for tourism professionals

The question of liability is therefore significantly increased compared to the previous regime even as professionals would wish the reverse.

Accordingly, the new directive is more protective for the traveler in a way that he will be more easily and widely informed of his rights before the conclusion of any contract of travel package and the effectiveness of the rights of travelers during the execution of the package will be strengthened.

However, this protection is done to the detriment of professionals, including a strengthening of their responsibility.

It remains to be seen how this directive will be transposed, knowing however that the national legislature remains constrained by the objectives that it set. It is free however to specify them on the points where there is a flexibility to adapt.